Passing Patterns to Goal


Here are some passing patterns to goal in the final third: These exercises patterns for a 4-3-3 formation with 3 forwards:

Y Pattern: Crossing from wide areas to finish:









Y Passing: Fwd movement in behind “The Henry”









Y Passing: Weak side fwd movement “The Ljungberg Run”

Passing Patterns

Passing Patterns:

Passing patterns are meant for repetition for tactical elements. To create a style of play without pressure. The repetition of pattern exercises create a rhythm and flow of the way a team wants to execute in a game.  A teams patterns should be designed around what formation that they play.

Here are some passing patterns that can be used for certain elements in the game.

Y Exercise – Playing wide from central areas.

Triangles – Playing across the back, into midfield and wide

Triangles  – Playing across back, lay off and play wide.

Switching play – playing across the back, into MDF and switch to other side.

Switching play – Diamond: Switching point of attack to play forward.