Guest Session by Tony Mee – Rotherham United FC Academy – Pressing to win Possession

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Tony Mee – Rotherham United FC

Tony Mee is the Head Youth Academy Coaching at Rotherham UTD. He is a FA licensed Tutor delivering the FA level 1 and Level 2. He has been at Rotherham UTD FC since 2002. He holds the UEFA A License. This Tony’s 2nd session for YTPSoccer. You can find his first session by clicking Here. It is a finishing Session.


You can follow Tony on twitter: @coachtonymee

Session:Pressing to Win Possession pt1 Pressing to Win Possession pt2 Pressing to Win Possession pt3 Pressing to Win Possession pt4

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Guest Session by Jake Heracleous – Brentford FC Academy – Transition

Jake Heracleous – Brentford FC Academy

Jake is a UEFA B License Coach. He previously has worked for Arsenal FC Academy for many years. He now works at Brentford FC Academy working with players of all ages. Jake also is a scout for Brentford FC.

You can follow Jake on twitter: @jheracleouseie


Defending from the front – 4-3-3 versus a flat 4-4-2

Defending from the front in 4-3-3 versus a flat 4-4-2

Here is a session and examples of how teams should defend tactically from the front versus a flat 4-4-2 when playing in a 4-3-3. Defending is a numbers game. When playing a 4-3-3 you have more numbers in midfield and it when pressing high its important that the forwards work hard to force them inside. Here is a session to train defenders showing inside and not allowing the opposition to use the width to exploit space.

Key Words: Press, Curve your run, Delay, Show inside, Cover, Support. Ball side Goal side, Stay connected.

Players should be looking for the Visual Q’s when to react.


Guest Session by Mike Munoz – Chivas USA U16 Academy Coach – Defending


Mike Munoz is the U16 Academy Coach for the MLS Chivas USA Development Academy Team. He is actively involved in the Men’s MLS Chivas Team Coaching Staff and is involved in US Soccer as a scout for the youth national teams.  Mike holds a USSF ‘A’ License.

Defending Session: