Scouting Report by Austin McPhee, St Mirren – Hibernian Vs Celtic


Here is a look at the professional scouting report done by Austin McPhee who works for St Mirren. Austin also owns AM Sports Tours, which is one of the leading soccer/football tour companies. check it out at

Here is the detailed Scouting Report. Click on the image belowScouting Report

Guest Session by Tony Begg – Hibernian FC Academy (SPL) – Close Range Finishing


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Tony Begg – Hibernian FC Academy

Tony Begg is a Coach at Hibernian FC Academy. He Coaches the U10 team at the club. He holds the Scottish FA Children’s Level 4 Award and the Youth Module Level 4 Award.


Finishing U10 - Hibernian pt1 Finishing U10 - Hibernian pt2 Finishing U10 - Hibernian pt3 Finishing U10 - Hibernian pt4

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