Fake, Take & Break 1v1 Exercises


Here are a number of 1v1 Exercises that  encourage reaction, speed of play, turns, fakes, breaking into space (acceleration). All exercises can be used for all ages. It is important to make all games competitive. With all exercises encourage players to do fakes to create space.

Fakes – examples: Scissors, Step Over, Double Scissors, Snake, Ronaldhino etc.

Coaches can give players points for scoring goals and for using fakes to score, Encourage creativity.

1V1 Games Below:



















Transition Games

Transition Games and Video

Here are some Transition (Attacking to Defending / Defending to Attacking) Games. A Coach can work on Either topic or both. I use these games a lot for Defensive Principles.

Transition games are great as they are very Game related. Soccer/Football is all about Transitions.

“The most important moment in the game today is when the ball is won or lost.” – Gérard Houllier

Here is a great video on Transition by Barcelona (below) When Defending they call it the “6 second rule”. They have to get the ball back in 6 seconds (high pressing). If they don’t get the ball they retreat and get their defensive shape.